We saw a problem and created a solution.

October 28, 2023
Minute Read
Written by:
Nelson Abalos Jr.

See how I took a website with complex information and redesigned it in Webflow

Have you ever stumbled upon something, seen a problem, and then asked yourself, “Hmmm ...this can be so much better.” Like, how ridiculous it is to charge an Apple Magic Mouse—it’s wholly inoperable, and you have to flip it upside down. Or how paper straws are useless after two minutes of using them. 

Well, that happened to me when I received information about my first trail race. The webpage for the race overwhelmed me with so much information about every distance. I only needed to see information about the distance that I was running. Soon, my user experience (UX) mind started thinking, and I realized there was a problem with most trail racing websites and how they organized information. 

So what did I do? I redesigned the website as an exploration to see what a trail racing website could look like, designed with the runner in mind. 

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