The creative process isn’t linear

February 15, 2024
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Written by:
Jess Cruz-Abalos

In an ideal situation, the creative process would be a straight arrow from Point A to Point B, but that is never the case.  

The creative process can be an emotional rollercoaster with ups, downs, hard turns, and loops where we have to start back at the beginning. And it's okay if we have to start over. As our good designer friend Armando Nava says, "Sometimes you have to go through all the ideas before you get to the answer."

Here's our creative process

(with the help of GIF/JIFs)

Step 1: Imposter Syndrome

I can totally do this....

Step 2: I don't know what I am doing

Waiting for an idea to come to me...I got nothing yet.

Step 3: I suck at this, why am I even doing this?

*insert existential crisis here*

None of my ideas are working!

Step 4: Wait a second…

I think I got something...Something is happening!

Step 5: Oh yeah, I'm a fucking genius!

*throws glitter into the air*

So if you're between Steps 1–3, keep trying, experimenting, asking questions, and LISTENING, you'll eventually get to a beautiful and functional solution, you fucking genius. Never give up!

Are you stuck? Do you need any help? If so, let us know and schedule a time to chat.

Let's ride this roller coaster together.

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