The beginning of That One Couple's brand

October 1, 2023
Minute Read
Written by:
Jess Cruz-Abalos

When I first started to concept our brand, she wanted to make sure that it represented who we are. Which is a pair of creatives who take what they do seriously, but don’t take themselves too seriously. 

Maybe it was because we just recently watched Wes Anderson’s Astroid City, but the idea of creating a brand that was quirky, nostalgic, joyful, and light-hearted spoke true to who we are as individuals, and most importantly, as a family.

Other words that represented That One Couple included: whimsical, happy, positive, movement, typographical, and retro—  in homage to a lot of the old television sitcoms that Nelson and I grew up with—like Family Matters, Full House, The Golden Girls, Bewitch, I Dream of Jeannie, and I Love Lucy. Once I started searching for visual inspirations, she noticed a common color scheme starting to emerge.

I knew I wanted the logo to be in a shape. Here’s a fun fact: Nelson’s favorite shape happens to be a hexagon, because “hexagons are the bestagons.” I also wanted to use a font that was different and also reflected the words that That One Couple.

As for the photoshoot, we were lucky enough to be referred to Ashley Kaplan who’s instagram profile had the exact style we were looking for. Working with her was so fun and she captured exactly what we needed.

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